#Weekly Video: Soulwanderer – Its A Jazz Thang

enjoy N support great jazz-hop music by Soulwanderer~ – Arkisound

About Soulwandererhttps://soundcloud.com/user-170105122

jazz-hop / beats / instrumental

Joe Corfield – Phase Shift

enjoy N support great hip-hop music from Joe Corfield – Arkisound

About Album: With Phase Shift, Joe Corfield adds new words to the definition of Instrumental Hip Hop in the dictionary. The young british producer delivers a breathtaking album that will please all Hip Hop fans around the globe. The whole is even complemented by some very interesting features such as FloFilz, O’malley, Sigmund & Kosyne! All put together this brings you one of the finest albums released on Radio Juicy. The perfect way to start a brilliant Summer. https://soundcloud.com/joe-corfield-1

beats / hip-hop / instrumental / jazzy

Saint/Denis – Bricklane

enjoy N support great music from Saint/Denis – Arkisound

♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 02. Kimono Slice [feat. Funky Kola]
  • 03. Sucre
  • 04. Foch

About Saint/Denishttps://soundcloud.com/saint-denis-music

indie / beats / hip-hop / electro

#Weekly video: Es-K – lastdream_ruff01

enjoy N support great jazz-hop music by Es-K~ – Arkisound

About Es-Khttps://soundcloud.com/beatsbyesk

jazz-hop / beats

Korey Wade ~ We Don’t Mind

enjoy N support great jazz-hop music from Korey Wade~ – Arkisound

About Korey Wadehttps://koreywade.bandcamp.com/

jazz-hop / beats 


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