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Yucca Rose – Akankah Selalu Ada

Beautiful voice from Indonesia

About Yucca Rose: A jazz vocalist, contemporary painter and theatrical actress from Jakarta, Indonesia. Yukke Roswenda Rose, better known as Yucca Rose, is a leading Indonesian jazz vocalist and well respected contemporary painter from Malang in East Java, where she was born on June 21st, 1979. To further her musical career, she moved to Jakarta to study at Elfa Music Studio and Institut Music Daya Indonesia. Over the last eight years, she performed with a wide variety of jazz bands and musicians, and recorded two albums with her Jakarta based band “Major Seventh” (published by Disc Tarra Indonesia).

jazzy / smooth / soul

Sept & Lartizan – Le Jeu Du Pendu


...Don’t MisS! 03. Classe A 10. Un Seul Principe...

French rhymes to your soul~

About Sept & Lartizan: Un rappeur, un beatmaker, des scratchs et quelques invités triés sur le volet: la recette n’a rien de nouveau, mais rarement en France elle aura été aussi bien cuisinée: les rimes et le débit ahurissants de Sept chevauchent avec furie les sonorités chaudes et brutes produites par Lartizan. Sept officie depuis plus de 10 ans dans l’underground français et sonne un retour attendu après un premier album acclamé en 2003. Il a aussi collaboré à de nombreux projets aux côtés d’artistes comme Triptik, Grems, Cutee B, Soul Sodium ou sur des compilations comme les Maximum Boycott et Quality Streetz.


Funky DL – Jazzmatic [Nas Remixes]


...Don’t MisS! 2. You Know My Style 10. One Love [feat. Lei-an]...

When we talk about Nas music~listen beautiful remixes

Just imagine if this happened and picture the setting… It’s the late 1930’s and the local jazz club is packed to the brim with people awaiting the rapper Nas and his jazz musicians (orchestrated by Producer Funky DL) along with featured artists to come and play a 10-track set to forever be remembered. The lights are dim and the hall is filled with smoke, whilst the clinking sound of champagne flutes ambiently gesture in the atmosphere. Nas and Funky DL are having their picture taken outside the club in an array of spotlights glaring from their vehicles (see artwork). Then it happens… The two step inside and “JAZZMATIC” erupts … All you have to do now is… “press play”… We’re sure you’ll agree that this is a phenomenal project and ask you to share this with as many hip-hip and good music fans as you can find.

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from BLEE – BLEE Project [II]


Don’t Stop!~

from BLEEBLEE Project is dedicated to all the music collectors out there. One of my good friend “Aki” of Cosmos Record in Toronto Canada is owner of the shop. His record shop is known as one of the best record shop in north america. Aki owns super rare records that no one can ever find. One day, Aki and I started to talking about making an EP by using his collection. Since then, we started to gather samples and started to making tracks for it. Even though, this is not a full length album, this project was very special and gave me whole lot of motivations to work harder and continue to collect great music records. Collecting music albums are not easy to do these days. There are just too many ways to download as mp3 and also just stream it without buying the album. I just wanted to show some respect to all the collectors and I am glad to start the year with project like this. Much love to Aki for giving me this opportunity! Peace”

instrumental / beats / hip-hop

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