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Yeiv – Remember June


Remember~Life is good ^^

About Album: “Remember June” is Yeiv’s second release with Cult Classic Records. His follow up EP to last years “Immersion” features rappers Awon, Jas Mace & Marchitect (The 49ers), Tor Cesay and Brian To Earth. Thomas Prime lends a hand with production on “Wandering Souls” and also mastered the EP.

About Yeiv

jazz-hop / instrumental / beats

Elyonbeats – My Cinderella


...Don’t MisS! 11. See you Later...

 your side is here~

About: Elyonbeats

About Album: “My Cinderella” by Elyonbeats is dedicated to his special lady. It’s full of new age / jazzy / orchestral sounding beats, each capturing a specific moment that he experienced with his girlfriend in El Salvador and back in US.

instrumental / beats / jazz-hop

Kenja – Be


...Don’t MisS! 08. Oxnrd...

Every’beat’is’clear ^^

About Kenja

from Soulo Dojo: We bring you Kenja’s The Soul Dojo debut, Be. This is an album that is perfect for those late night chill sessions. Download the project for free or support Kenja and The Soul Dojo by making a donation.

jazz-hop / instrumental / beats



...Don’t MisS! 04. Broken Hope [XXXY Remix] 05. Disapear [Envee Remix]...

Long soundy evenings~

About XXANAXXXX▲N▲XX are a Polish electronic music duo from Warsaw, formed in 2012. The band consists of Klaudia Szafrańska (vocals) and Michał Wasilewski a.k.a Lance Flare (instrumentals). Klaudia age 19 and Voo age 31 formed XXANAXX in 2012. Klaudia is originally from Konin, while Michał is from Szczytno. They’ve met in Warsaw. Klaudia after appearing in Polish edition of X Factor was looking for a producer and Lance Flare was in a search for a vocalist. Both needed just one meeting to decide they want to cooperate with each other. They share the same interest in experimental electronic music. Their compositions are full of anologue sounds, deep bases, ambient reverbs and their beloved Roland TR 808 drums. This mixture combined with Klaudia’s voice makes an unusual music experience that takes listener to a higher level of relaxation. The genres that they feel connected to is chillwave, witch house and electronica.

soul / electro / beats

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