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Oonops Drops – Straight from Japan

...Don’t MisS! 07. Real Talk (Lark Chillout Remix) 11. Eastern Voyage (Instrumental) 16. Addicted 20. Song of Departure 27. Southern Cross 32. Clouds Across The Moon...

About MixtapeOonops digs deep for this japanese special of ‘Oonops Drops‘ with strictly vinyl tunes of artists, bands and producers straight from Japan. It’s all about beats, breaks and jazzy music. Furthermore Oonops hooks up with Shin-Ski (of Martiangang / ShinSight Trio / Leviatorz) who delivers an exclusive guest mix which represents his versatile style of music. Enjoy! Itte rasshai!

beats / hip-hop / electro

REdefinition – Bahia Affair


...Don’t MisS! 07. Let U Know (instrumental)...

About Mecca:83

About Buscrates 16-bit Ensemble

Aout DistantStarr

About AlbumInfluenced by classic brazilian music of the 60’s and 70’s, Bahia Affair blends elements of bossa percussion with MPC beats and ample Fender Rhodes licks. Sampled elements remain but play a background role in the mix: providing the accents between live horns and guitar solos that give the project an added organic texture.. 

Mecca:83, Buscrates 16-bit Ensemble & DistantStarr are REdefinition: a trio of friends with a long history of musical collaboration. 

jazz-hop / beats

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