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Finest Ego | Monthly Mix #022 – January 2013: Freddie Joachim “Patterns Vol. 3″

...Don’t MisS! 04. Al Green’s Dream 08. Real To Real 09. Living Conditions 13. Commonwealth 14. Stevie 22. The Militia (Pete Rock Remix) 23. Low Class Conspiracy 25. Mysterious Vibes 32. Gonna Be 33. RockABye Baby...

About Freddie Joachim

jazz-hop / beats / instrumental 

Cult Classic Records – Friends & Family 3


...Don’t MisS! 05. Nicholas Cheung – Immersion 06. Matt Blank & Thomas Prime feat. Devan Marie – The Distance 15. Kratos Himself – Mud Slap 16. Marti Ann – Orange Spray 18. Kondor – Closer...

About Compilation: We want to dedicate this release to our friend Praverb who sadly passed away yesterday. For those who don’t know of him, he wasn’t just a rapper he was a guy who selflessly helped thousands of artists. A truly great man who put his career on the back burner whilst helping out so many, all he wanted was to see people succeed it didn’t matter if you had 10 fans or 10k fans you could always count on him to lend a hand and he never asked for anything in return. We’re sorry that we never got to finish off our plans to post F&F3 with you today but we are glad you got to hear all of it before you passed. CCR will be contributing to his family and funeral costs from funds raised with this compilation but if you would like to donate direct to his family a fund has been set up by a family friend here:

RIP P, thanks for being a great friend to the Hip Hop community. Much love and support to his wife, young son Matthew, family and friends through this hard time. We will never forget you, Rest In Peace.

So here it is, after lots of hard work, long nights and sorting through dozens of tracks, we are proud to bring you “Friends & Family 3” a collection of songs from some of the most talented musicians we know (Friends) and currently signed to the label (Family). We would like to send a BIG Thank You to everyone that contributed a track for this compilation. Thanks to Nicolas Favereaux & David Muessig for helping create the individual cover art accompanying each song. Shout outs to Praverb for always being there to lend a helping hand when we need it most, Thanks to all the blogs and promoters, youtube channels and more that are helping us spread this good music to the people and lastly we would like to thank the fans because you’re the supporters of this movement and give us the power to do what we love and without you we couldn’t still be here. Thank You!

beats / jazz-hop / instrumental

Owsey & Resotone – A Smile From The West


About EP: Hello there, we’re giving our new EP out for free so that everybody can have access to a high quality download of it. However, we are leaving the option to “pay what you like” open, in hopes of raising some money to finally fund truly essential pieces of equipment that we require to get our band fully up & running, and on the road for live shows. A thousand thanks for the continuous support on our music. Peace, Owen & John

from Arkisound: This is magic, close your eyes and enjoy this soundy Journey~absolutely beautiful

electro / chill / ambient

DJ Mitsu The Beats – Celebration of Jay


...Don’t MisS! 08. All Work Out 13. Batcave 18. Pueblo 20. The Bunch...

About Album: “I can’t remember the first track I listened to, but I started to become aware of his presence with “Slum village / Fantastic Vol. 2”. He’s been producing classics even before this album, and I’ve listened to numerous tracks including the unreleased ones. But for me, Jay Dee/ J Dilla’s presence is packed into “Slum village / Fantastic Vol.2” and “Welcome 2 Detroit”. I have never been influenced so much by music in my life, and probably never will be. Until then, I strived to create music without being influenced by anyone, but by recognizing him and becoming a captive of his worldview, there was no way to escape his influence. His extremely tight drums were made without relying on quantization, and his use of sine waves for bass and layering filtered samples was incredible. He had a distinctive utilization of space, and seemingly rough but delicate style. There’s no doubt that he laid the foundations for my current style. I have created tracks for people in the past, but I have never dedicated a whole album for anyone. Even after his passing I greatly respect him as a mentor, and I have longed to dedicate an album for him in order to reflect on my present self. The intension of this album is not to imitate, but to present myself while reflecting on how his influence has helped me to find my own style. This is a dedication of my style to him, which would not have been possible without his influence. I will continue to respect him. Thank you Jay Dee / Jay Dilla.  – Mitsu The Beats

beats / hip-hop

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