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Elyon – Halcyon Keys


enjoy N support great music~ – Arkisound

♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 02. Reminisce and Chill
  • 06. Gentle Breeze
  • 07. The Stargazer’s Scrapbook
  • 10. My Childhood

About Album: “Halcyon Keys” is a 3rd addition to Elyon’s “A Week with Elyon” (AWE) projects. For one week Elyon would create one brand new beat for each day. Every AWE project has a theme and this week’s theme is “Halcyon Keys.” Tracks 1-7 are from the AWE project, and 8-10 are added bonus tracks. While track 10 (My Childhood) is from Elyon’s tribute to Nujabes album titled “Dear Seba Jun” back in 2012, he thought the beat would also be a great fit for this project. Halcyon means: Calm; Peaceful; Tranquil. This album consists of beats with peaceful piano lines that would help putting one into tranquility.

The title track, “The Stargazer’s Scrapbook” was inspired by Esther Lac’s short novel. Little about the book. If you could tamper with your memories and rewrite them in your favour, would you? It’s actually a rather easy thing to do. Memories aren’t made purely from our interactions in the physical world. When we muse with our imaginations, we’re creating memories, too. When reality and fantasy intermixes over time, how can you draw the line between what’s real and what isn’t? In her early years, Lisanna Spring was raised by her grandmother, a memory collector who loved to tell stories with impeccable vividness to anyone who would care to listen. Often times it would be to an audience of one; Lisanna. When Lisanna’s grandma lost in a fight with Alzheimer’s disease and was forced to trade her beloved babysitting role for an ironic bedridden ending, she leaves behind a beautiful scrapbook as a memento for her granddaughter. After a period of hysterical denial, Lisanna discovers the dying wish her grandma had left for her in the scrapbook and intends to fulfill it by becoming a collector of more than just memories. If this sounds like a novel that you might enjoy reading, or might be a wonderful gift for someone, consider buying the book and supporting the author.

jazz-hop / beats

Brooklish & Jonyfraze – Midnight in Brooklyn


enjoy N support great music~ – Arkisound

♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 02. Nostalgia [feat. Merc the Big Body Benz]
  • 06. Shine [feat. Mark Marvel]
  • 08. Overdone

About Album: Loosely inspired by the motion picture “Midnight in Paris” , Brooklish grapples with the idea of nostalgia and what it really means to be a “true” hip hop artist swimming in todays waters. Brooklish takes a step back in time to spit some verses over soulful samples produced by Jony Fraze, a seasoned hip hop aficionado. Accompanied by other New York emcees from around the five boroughs, Brooks provides a small look into his mind. Take a ride.


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