Art of Verse – SunKissedJungleFloor EP

...Don’t MisS! 05. YouKnowHowToMake...

Mellow tune ringing in my ears ^.^

from Art of Verse: Some tunes to vibe to if you happen to find yourself relaxing…. on a jungle floor…. with the sun shining on yah skin. Donations are humbly accepted, but please feel free to enter $0.00 at check out. Cheers.

hip-hop / chill

LEMS – a, b, c!!

...Don’t MisS! 01. Siki 05. Apple Jam 07. Red, Yellow and Brown 10. Calm Day 13. Elate 14. Blue Rains...

Shiny Shiny world of tasteful music

About LEMS: 人見知りだが話し好き。恥ずかしがり屋の目立ちたがりの超AB型。アーティスト集団「ZANY DESIGN’S WORK!?」の生みの親。DJ,BeatMaker,作曲家として活動。

jazz-hop / instrumental / beats

Sinitus Tempo – Dream State

...Don’t MisS! 09. Constellations 11. Milky Ways...

 I kept my dreams, & you?

About Sinitus Tempo: Nathan Peters (born Nathan Telbert Peters March 1st 1989 ) better known by his stage name Sinitus Tempo is an American musician/producer from Mount Rainier, Maryland, he gained internet popularity over the world by releasing Tribute cd’s to anime. Landing him opportunities to Work with artists such as Add-2, Substantial, and composer Jun Chikuma. [Source:]

hip-hop / intrumental / beats / jazz-hop

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