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...Don’t MisS! 07. Pride’s Work...

I’m happy, listening great music from Dureagon ^^ tasty

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#Weekly Video: Murs & Fashawn feat. Adrian – This Generation

4 This Generation

Q: Where do you get your inspiration for all your songs about girls?

Murs: From real life and my friends. I guess that’s one of the benefits to having this crazy life. I get to meet all types of girls and my friends get to meet all types of girls. I was friendly with a lot of girls in high school but I didn’t get laid until after high school. I was always the friend. I got adopted by a lot of the older girls. All those years of torture and blue-balls paid off, I guess, because I think I have a good understanding of the female psyche. I can write songs about females that aren’t usually too offensive. The girls usually like the extremely vulgar ones, but they’re not sexist or demeaning. It’s just funny because it’s true. [Source:]

Q: Something I see is that you respect the origins of this genre, and while I see a lot of reference to the past, I also see a lot of creativity in your music. Where does creativity stand in pushing the genre forward?

Fashawn: Right in the middle man, without creativity you cant have progress. They go hand in hand. [Source:]


from Mercy – The Prestige [III]

Positive music to your ears ^^

The “Prestige” is the first street album by South Florida’s own hip hop artist Mercy, released Janurary 11, 2011, through Illustrious Muzik Group/Mutual Bond. The album features guest appearances from Bishop, American’s Idol contestant Brittany Starr James, Christyle, Platini, Desiree Tizon, KoJazz and Chief Toney. Embedded with hyper-visual lyricism, dark soundscapes, gritty narratives, and hard beats by noteworthy beatsmiths such as: Jersey’s finest Solidified, 3D’s Zino, Al Jazz, Rene’, Ta-ku, Kryptonite, and Fresh Airez. It help marked Mercy’s transition from a relatively local artist to an influential underground figure. A New Blood Rising…


Shag – Me Again

...Don’t MisS! 5. Ring Out...

Blazing with sharp beats

from Shag: What number am I at now? I have a lot of beat tapes. This one involved a lot of experimenting. I hope you can enjoy the diverse palette of sounds but can still hear my signature style.  Thanks to all of my fans, friends, and followers. I appreciate all of your support. You’re really what keeps me doing this. Thanks to Co$$ for getting on this beat for me. Ya’ll make sure to check out his coming albums, I’ve got some production here and there.

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Treehouse Orchestra – What’s This

Hello, meet with my Life background.

from Treehouse Orchestra: here’s a new old song, from roughly 1.5 years ago.

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