Shag – Me Again

...Don’t MisS! 5. Ring Out...

Blazing with sharp beats

from Shag: What number am I at now? I have a lot of beat tapes. This one involved a lot of experimenting. I hope you can enjoy the diverse palette of sounds but can still hear my signature style.  Thanks to all of my fans, friends, and followers. I appreciate all of your support. You’re really what keeps me doing this. Thanks to Co$$ for getting on this beat for me. Ya’ll make sure to check out his coming albums, I’ve got some production here and there.

instrumental / electro / hip-hop / beats

Random aka Mega Ran – Trapped (Single)

Magical beats trapped in my head ^^

Raheem Jarbo, aka Random or Mega Ran. Teacher/Rapper/Hero. People will remember Ran for his daring leap into video game remixing which led to a Capcom cosign, but Random’s penchant for storytelling has impressed retro gamers while garnering respect from Hip-Hop’s harshest critics. An incredible impromptu “freestyle” MC, Random’s unique combination of fantasy and introspective hip-hop has found its way into TV shows, movies, video games, and even coursework at several universities. That’s Random.

*Appears on the forthcoming release “Mega Ran in Language Arts Volume 3,” releasing. 11/20/12.

jazz-hop / instrumental / beats

Marcus D – Retro’d

...Don’t MisS! 05. Flay by Night 12. King of Kong 20. The Blues...

Golden era of 16bit ^.^

from Marcus D: Before I ever started making beats or even learned to play piano, my older brother was given a SNES. From the first moment a controller was put in my hands, a defining impact was stamped into my ear for music. I’m not alone. And this project is for the millions who were raised on 16 bit. This is for the millions who have heard the incredible compositions, created on less than capable technology and have kept them in a special place in their memory.

hip-hop / 16bit / instrumental / beats

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