New Path. New Way ^^

When Arkisound was 2 months in shut down mode, it was very sad 4 me, because i love what i’m doing. Share great music with others, taste different sounds, promote others music and enjoy each sound element, its amazing journey ^^ This little web page was in free server (who wanna know, go there –S-). Then they shut down this page, because Arkisound didn’t followed their TOS. In a few words “They don’t like promotion sites”….Then i became ill, because my immunity system this year is so lazy and of course i didn’t go in the job. So little by little i got back on my feet and i find a new server (of course you have pay) but in other side it’s very great, because they have very good HELP TEAM, if you have question, then you get straight answer and i love it. Today Arkisound is back in full-rate and i hope you enjoy and visit this page when you wanna hear another sound of nature. One love ^^

– Arkisound (i know my english is poor, so sorry for my errors)

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