Jansport J – Pharaohmatic Immunity [Dipset Remixtape]

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♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 04. Juelz Santana – Dipset Anthem feat. Cam’ron
  • 07. Jim Jones – Certified Gangstas feat. Cam’ron

from Jansport J: A remixtape put together while on tour of the North East with Loaf Muzik. February 23rd-March 15th 2017. Special thanks to Vermont Hotel Rooms, Boston Couches, Connecticut/New Hampshire Car Rides, Brooklyn Guest Rooms and New Jersey workspaces. Also… Dipset. https://www.facebook.com/JansportJ


DJ Hazey 82 – Threaded Sounds


~enjoy N support great hip-hop music~ – Arkisound

♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 01. Slimkid3 – Work Hard [feat. K-Natural] (over BBZ Darney – Breaking Dawg [feat. DJ Grazzhoppa]
  • 04. Apathy – Don’t Touch That Dial [feat. Ras Kass & O.C.] (over ILLusionist – Flowers)
  • 06. KRBL Rebel Radio – Dust (over BBZ Darney – Shining Aura)
  • 09. Common Market – Back Home [The Return] (over Phoniks – Real Hip Hop Remix)
  • 11. Tha Soloist – Farmers (over K-Def – Reminiscent of the Golden Era)
  • 15. Celph Titled – Nothin’ To Say [feat. Rise] (over Marco Polo – Wrong One)
  • 17. The Benchwarmers Clique – Batteries Included [feat. Epidemic] (over Purpose – Sision Of Excellence)
  • 18. De La Soul – Nosed Up (over Dela – I Say Peace)
  • 21. Camp Lo – Discotec (over SoulChef – Have Your Heaven)
  • 23. Digable Planets – 9th Wonder (over BBZ Darney – Sweeping Winds)

from DJ Hazey 82: This is a free mix, so please share it with everyone and spread the love! All of these artists are featured here out of respect and appreciation for their talents. Please support them by purchasing their music, clothing, concert tickets, etc. Peace https://soundcloud.com/djhazey82


Thomas Prime – Cult Classic Remixes


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  • 02. Samurai Guru vs Akin Yai (DJ Low Cut) – B.C Before Crack (Thomas Prime Remix)
  • 03. Ljones vs CYNE – Tide of Life (Thomas Prime Remix)
  • 07. SAZ vs Awon (Kameleon Beats) – Shine (Thomas Prime Remix)
  • 08. KAA.DDU vs MYK (Shirosky) – 5 Percenter (Thomas Prime Remix)
  • 11. Kanibeat vs Ahnom (Breezewax) – Missing You (Thomas Prime Remix)
  • 12. Pe2ny vs Awon (Thomas Prime) – Intellectual Criminals ft. Mckinley Dixon & Dicap (Thomas Prime Remix)
  • 14. Funky DL – Clock Watchers (Thomas Prime Remix) 2016
  • 15. Thomas Prime & Tom Pepe – Live Forever (Bonus Track)

About Mixtape: This is a selection of remixes I’ve been working on for the past couple of years, nearly all of them are official and most have never been remixed before. In total I used over 50 different songs to make these 15 Remixes, so I need to say a big Thank you to everyone involved, I hope I did your work justice. https://thomasprime.bandcamp.com/

jazz-hop / beats

Shag – The Remix Suite


listen in high volumes~enjoy N support great music~ – Arkisound

♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 03. Hovatones
  • 10. Relax and Get The $$$
  • 11. Razabax
  • 12. Hearmedoe

From Shag: Listen to this after dark in a hazy and dimly-lit room all by yourself. Save it for a time when your mind is stress-free and aware of that fact – right after work on a Friday night, or sometime similar. You can stray from that suggestion if time isn’t a luxury, but don’t ignore this one: listen at high volumes. Make the music the most prominent thing in the room while you’re listening. Mimic a live setting and I think you will get the best and most personal experience possible out of these tracks. These tracks are from a universe where dusty jazz lounges can be found on every street corner, pop music is made up of more than three major chords, and a Fender Rhodes sits heavily used in a corner of every home. Rap music is still around (there’s no way it wouldn’t manifest), but has evolved with different influences being more prominent. I imagined myself being the one lucky enough to be asked to create some of the tapestries for these wordsmiths (and Gucci Mane) to rap over, and applied the vibes appropriately. https://www.facebook.com/shagbeats


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