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♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 02. Mr. Hong – Black
  • 03. Poldoore feat. Cise Starr – Blind Eyes
  • 04. trog’low – Midnight
  • 05. Esbe – Float
  • 06. Benny Freestyles – Heady Wraps x No Glitz
  • 10. Ryan Helsing – Stuck In A Dream
  • 11. Steve Blair – Minute
  • 14. Bakoda aka Evan Awake feat. Joseph Jacobs – Better Days

About Compilation: To celebrate our 60th release “KAA.DDU – SHAA.DOWS” we’ve put together a collection of 15 stand out tracks from our list of 30 free projects that we have put out so far on CCR and arranged them nicely together in the first of our new free compilation series ‘Complementary’! Big Thanks to everyone involved in this project. CCR#061.

beats / instrumental / hip-hop / jazzy

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