Deeptuber (Segawa Tatsuya) – Midnight

...Don’t MisS! 05. Otherwordly 08. Raid 09. Blacksax 10. HugeWave...

About Deeptuber (Segawa Tatsuya): Segawa Tatsuya aka Deeptuber was previously heavily involved with the legendary Japanese label Hydeout Productions as the touring DJ and opening act for the late great Nujabes (RIP). Nowadays, Tatsuya has begun to release his own style of jazz hop through newly formed label Roph Recordings, formed by himself and Takumi Koizimi (former manager of Hydeout) and closely linked with Uyama Hiroto.

About Midnight Mixtape: This guest mix from Deeptuber is an eclectic selection ranging from Detroit house and neo soul to progressive jazz hop beats and straight jazz. Though Nujabes may have left this universe, his legacy lives on not only through the artists he influenced around the world, but also directly through his close friends and collaborators, who continue making evocative jazz and hip hop fusion experiments through labels Roph Recordings and Rockwell Product Shop. Hip Hop is forever.

hip-hop / beats / jazzy

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