Digi Crates x Roots Of Society : A New Dawn


...Don’t MisS! 01. Universal Elements 03. Upon It’s Bananas 08. Devils Cake (PDP Remix) 09. Yesterday’s Me 11. Sleep 12. Blessed To Have You 18. Rosie 20. Bliss...

Incredible Compilation 4 FREE! Jazz-Hop, Instrumental & Beats Session ^^

About: Digi Crates Records: Established in 2009, Digi Crates Records is an innovative and versatile music label which offers solutions in the areas of distribution media logistics, sound recording and music operation.Based from New York City to Japan, Digi Crates Records brings forth cutting-edge digital sound engineering and the latest generation in content distribution and other services in worldwide offices including Japan, France, Canada, US and Korea. As a company the record label aspires to provide an eclectic collection of genres inculding : jazz, neo-soul, hip-hop and much more.

instrumental / jazz-hop / beats

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