DJ Hazey 82 – Threaded Sounds


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♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 01. Slimkid3 – Work Hard [feat. K-Natural] (over BBZ Darney – Breaking Dawg [feat. DJ Grazzhoppa]
  • 04. Apathy – Don’t Touch That Dial [feat. Ras Kass & O.C.] (over ILLusionist – Flowers)
  • 06. KRBL Rebel Radio – Dust (over BBZ Darney – Shining Aura)
  • 09. Common Market – Back Home [The Return] (over Phoniks – Real Hip Hop Remix)
  • 11. Tha Soloist – Farmers (over K-Def – Reminiscent of the Golden Era)
  • 15. Celph Titled – Nothin’ To Say [feat. Rise] (over Marco Polo – Wrong One)
  • 17. The Benchwarmers Clique – Batteries Included [feat. Epidemic] (over Purpose – Sision Of Excellence)
  • 18. De La Soul – Nosed Up (over Dela – I Say Peace)
  • 21. Camp Lo – Discotec (over SoulChef – Have Your Heaven)
  • 23. Digable Planets – 9th Wonder (over BBZ Darney – Sweeping Winds)

from DJ Hazey 82: This is a free mix, so please share it with everyone and spread the love! All of these artists are featured here out of respect and appreciation for their talents. Please support them by purchasing their music, clothing, concert tickets, etc. Peace


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