Hired Gun, Rabbi Darkside, Zajazza – Skillz To Take Brazil


...Don’t MisS! 3.Neo Tem Praco with UR$ Fundao...

n February 2009, two partners in rhyme, Rabbi Darkside and Hired Gun set out from Brooklyn, New York to rendezvous with good friend, beat maker, and fellow world traveler DJ Zajazza in Brazil. Over the course of two weeks, several shows, three cities, and much cachaca, a sound emerged. From the late night sessions, community building in the favelas of Porte Alegre and Passo Fundo, what started as “The Skillz to Take Brazil” Tour soon took musical form. “Skillz to Take Brazil” is an international collaboration of artists from New York, Brazil and France, coming together to express the spirit of Hip Hop, brotherhood and community. Imagine the pulsating energy of Samba and the rawness of New York City streets wrapped up in soulful jazz production. “Skillz to Take Brazil” is the result of collaboration, culture, connection, and community.


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