J. ManifestO – Vicariously Through Memories


...Don’t MisS! 09. My T-Shirt 10. Landscape 11. Slow Motion [feat. JohnNY U.] 12. All is Right...

Good Vibes in the second part~

About Album: “Vicariously Through Memories” is an nostalgic album about reminiscing about of the happier times from my youth. Through this project I go on reflecting on times I cherish with the people I love and spend time with the most, recalling lucid dreams, and reliving certain episodes with friends. In a way, sort of dreaming of a second childhood, wishing present times were similar. Sonically I wanted to have a lot of different sounds and still deliver lyrically. Showcasing different styles of rap that i can use. All while telling all these parts of my story. http://www.jmanifesto.com/

Special Thanks:
God, Mom, Gary, Me, L Train, Johnny, Khid, Monop, Jerry, Ed, Haitian Chris, A. Will, Mamadou, D, DJ Swift, BoySand, ScienZe, YC, Otis Clapp, Dom O, GSF, Dope League, RDAC, MC Elijah Black, Logik,tre7tre8, My Big brothers, my little brothers, All my Cousins, all the Producers, All the Blogs, iheartdilla, everydejavu, 2dope, Kevin Nottingham, green hitz, etc. all the DJs, Chuck and Fresco, and James Dunn. Every one and every situation that I learned from to help me grow.


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