KAA.DDU – SHAA​.​DOWS (Shadows LP)


beautiful and inspiring album~enjoy N support great music~ – Arkisound

♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 01. The Sun (Intro)
  • 03. R.A.R.E
  • 04. Organic
  • 10. The Shadows
  • 11. One Way

About Album: Brazilian Producer KAA.DDU (pronounced Kadu) teams up with Cult Classic Records to release his first full length LP. With help from CCR’s own Thomas Prime this project is full of Summer Hip Hop vibes and dark Trip Hop tones! KAA.DDU: “Firstly, I would like to thank God for music. Without music, I would be nothing. to my family for being there through the long hours, overnight stays away from home and for all the support even in bad times. I also want to thank everyone that helped make this album possible and to create the music that represents who I am today, Shout outs to everyone at CCR and Special Thanks to Thomas Prime and Bob42jh”. https://soundcloud.com/kaaddu

beats / instrumental / hip-hop / jazzy

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