...Don’t MisS! 02. See The Forest (Unreleased) 03. We Shall Overcome 04. Thrilla 07. Make Love In Outer Space 09. The Wheel (CBR Remix) 14. You 17. GRLS* 19. Baby Baby Don’t Cry (Strangenature Edit) 29. One Thing (Sirkri Remix) ...

Sounds from Cosmos!~ Superb Mix~

About CosmonostroCosmonostro is a concept-label based in Lille, France. Founded by graphic artist 96 & soft-launched on May 5th, 2013, the label is in full effect since Mid-August with a fast releasing pace keeping things spontaneous & playful while delivering an entertaining audiovisual experience crafted by our graphic & music rosters, affiliates & friends no matter what genre or style. While still new, the label already has eight releases (with more on the way), and a formidable catalogue of free downloadable singles from a number of artists.

beats / instrumental / jazz-hop / electro

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