Marcus D ft. Pismo – Continuous Dream

It’s gone…what’s left?

About Marcus D:

I started my journey through hip hop at the age of 13.  Before I fell in love with urban sounds, my repertoire contained classical, classic rock, and blues, and every ingredient needed to gain an ear for mixing, sampling, and creating.  I am not a thug.  I make music and make it beautifully.  They ask me, “how does he do it?”  “Very carefully”.  I’m passionate.  I utilize my inspirations from all forms of music and mix with the rhythm that fills my blessed ears.  My faith motivates and steadies me. Born in 1989, 30 miles south of Seattle, WA.  Auburn, a lower class suburb of Seattle.  My parents, friends’ parents, and relatives are blue-collar workers.  I have never had more than I needed but my parents, at their own sacrifice, made sure I learned the value of having and not.  Recent scholars have begun analyzing hip hop culture.  They’ve made it clear; the music comes from struggle.  In this community you are deemed unfit if your home is not broken or if you haven’t had to sacrifice morals for financial gain.  Image has ruined hip hop. I’ve worked with a few local artists but maintain my standards in the way my creativity is used.  I do not give up who I am so that I can become something the TV thinks I am supposed to be.  MTV gave birth to the hip hop culture and they have let their advertisers bring forth its demise. It’s my personal goal to maintain the credibility of music.  I am building a network with local artists and those across the globe. I’m young and in no hurry to sell myself into fame.  I will make music my career because I love it and will not let financial gain take the place of artistic endeavors.  The Seattle underground scene is building, but music in general has left the Emerald City over the past 15 years.  There are new influences making a solid impact here and I am one. You may know me, you may not.  If not, you will.  I’ll work with you if we see eye to eye.  If you have a strong love for hip hop, the culture, and for it’s future, I want to be a part.  I’m Marcus D, a true fan and artist, a producer, not a beatmaker.  Keep hip hop in your prayers and hearts, and if you wanna make beautiful music, hit me up

About Pismo:

There is a lot that can be and will be said about a man who Chases The Sun; a musician who lives the philosophy that Perceptions InSide Mentally Orbit; a man who has taken this acronym and formulated a style that transcends modern-day Hip-Hop. Thaddeus Smith III also known as PISMO reigns among the limit-pushing Geminis that have forever changed the cords of musical reinvention and timelessness. Among these vials of supernatural genius: Curtis Mayfield. Miles Davis. Gladys Knight. Prince. James Brown. A Tribe Called Quest. The Notorious B.I.G. Tupac Shakur. It is not by coincidence that Pismos music is a crystallization of these forms. Pismo, who hails from Stockton, California, grew up enveloped and intrigued by a wide array of music and art: funk, soul, gospel, jazz, R&B, classical, rock, graffiti, and street dancing. Having entered Hip-Hop culture in the 70s/early 80s, when Hip-Hop was still a virgin and was purely about the four elements: DJing, Emceeing, Graffiti, and Dance; Pismos music exudes that storytelling, raw instrumental innocence. The artist founded his first hip hop group Burnt Batch in Stockton, California, in the latter part of 1991. In 1992, Pismo relocated to the SF/Oakland Bay Area attending college at CSUH. He dropped out of college in 1994 due to what he states, “a failed attempt to institutionalize me,” and used his last financial aid check to buy two turntables and a mixer.


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