MIMS Guest Mix: ADNANA SUN (Bucharest, On The Vibe Side)

Good hip-hop vibes~ballistic – Arkisound 

♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 03. Soulmade & Praverb – Progression (~03:49)
  • 11. The B.U.M.S – Wreck Your Ears (~20:00)
  • 14, Juju Rogers – Hungry (~26:35)
  • 15. Citizen Kane – Blackrain (~28:42)
  • 16. Matic feat. Marina Quaisse – Stop Look and Listen Part 1 (~31:18)
  • 18. The Nonce – The Sight of Things (~35:35)
  • 20. Big Kwam – Regardless (~41:18)
  • 21. ChillxWill – 1-800-Fuck-Outtahere (~44:10)

About Adnana Sun: She is a Bucharest, Romania based DJ and Radio Show Host. Born (Peia Alexandra) in June of 1988, Adnana grew up in the Resita area where electronic music festivals are often held. As a young girl she had always been in search of great new music on formats ranging from cassettes to CDs and vinyl. On her quest to explore new sounds, she would record mixtapes from shows heard on the radio, sharing multi-genre music with friends. She started honing her own song selection skills by playing around with CDJ’s, digital mixing tools and turntables. Her background in multiple genres had meant she would look for numerous Soul, Hip Hop, Dub, Reggae and Drum and Bass records to play in sets. She is currently the Co-Founder of “On the Vibe Side” online radio station, where she is able to promote fresh and unheard talent from the Global Beat and Hip Hop scenes. Her shows jump between Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop and Instrumental influenced music. https://soundcloud.com/adnana-sun


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