MONKEYMARC – As The Market Crashed

Ar vertas būti jūsų muzikos kolekcijoje? Nedvejodamas sakau, o taip! – Arkisound

♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 05. Mumbai Mayhem
  • 08. Emergency

About AlbumAs the Market Crashed is a reflective journey through brooding instrumental hip-hop, dub and dubstep. The album was recorded entirely on solar power in Melbourne, mixed in Paris at Sumroom Studios and Melbourne’s Head Gap Studio, and mastered in London at Transition Studios. It takes influences from a worldly palette, with elements of blues, jazz and world music scattered across instrumental beats, futuristic basslines and shimmering stepped-out rhythms. Underpinning the album is a strong message for social and environmental change, drawing upon samples that cover the global financial crises, the inequality of political systems and the world’s addiction to fossil fuels.

Instrumental / dubstep / electro / hip-hop

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