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This is great time for Arkisound, because I releasing first digital promotion compilation Monthly#Soundy#1 ^^ If you like instrumental, jazz-hop, hip-hop, beats, chilly genres you have to stop for a while and listen these sounds, it’s really magic~ believe me ^^ In this compilation you will find Woody, NBW, Joseph Jacobs, El Gambina, Landon Wordswell, Thomas Prime, Awon, Emancipator, Fresh Sly, Mimi Smooth, Yeiv. In below you will find Monthly#Soundy#1 download link with songs, bio, pages and Arkisound have a little exclusivity with Q&A. I hope you enjoy this little promotion and share it with other people around the world~

Download – Monthly#Soundy#1

Wenn I started doing this compilation, I wanted to know a little more about these artists, then i got idea and put there three simple questions:

1. From where are you?

2. When did you started to create music?

3. Why you started create music?

I sent a letter to musicians and I really appreciate for your responses (not all responses, but few is better than nothing).

1. Woody

Bio: A tastemaker in the arts, Woody is a music producer, recording engineer, as well as creative consultant. The California native has worked with everyone, from Grammy Award-winning artists to up-and-coming acts all over the world. His diverse sound blends together genres like Hip Hop, Pop, R&B and even Rock music. “Woody’s Produce, What’s Fresher?”.


2. NBW (Tonio & Bobby Swift)

Bio: Bobby Swift – Not necessarily a filipino emcee, but an emcee with filipino roots. North Jersey native who’s style was cultivated from the boom bap of 90s Hip-Hop, is determined to bring it back to the future with refreshing vigor, incorporating updated pop-culture references, current events and classic themes that still shape the chaotic world we live in today. As a gifted wordsmith, syllable structure, story-telling and word-play are all manifestations of his remarkable writing ability.


3. Joseph Jacobs

Bio: Joseph Jacobs is musician from Buffalo, NY. I first started playing piano at age six. At 11, I began composing my own piano pieces. As my compositions developed I began to listen to and gain a deep appreciation for jazz music – especially mid 70′s jazz fusion. In high school after hearing Nujabes, J Dilla and other artists like them, I began to experiment with fusing hip-hop and jazz music. I have one album currently out titled “Contemplations of Life“. I am honored to be with the team at Roots of Society and am looking forward to many new creations to come.


1. I am from Grand Island, NY which is very close to Niagara Falls.

2. I started to create music at age 11 after taking piano lessons since 6.

3. I started creating music because I found it (and still find it) very relaxing and therapeutic. I also want to share my music with others so that they can maybe feel the same way.

Links: http://djskipjosephjacobs.bandcamp.com

4. El Gambina


5. Landon Wordswell

Bio: Normal, Illinois resident by way of Indianapolis and St. Louis, Anthony “Youngs” Short aka Landon Wordswell’s official introduction to hip hop came by way of the Black Star classic cut “Re:Definition”. Along with the likes of Rakim and C.L. Smooth, the record laid the foundation for the budding rhymeslinger’s throwback approach to art to emceeing. Now, having already teamed with Sammy Faze to form the internationally touring emcee tandem Kick Game Proper, and Grandpa-J® to drop the effervescent “Jeneration Gap EP“, Youngs will be returning on January 1, 2010 with a SoulTree laced EP chock full of narratives to serve as further audio illustration of his efforts to redefine the genre.


1. I am from the St Louis area! I was raised in the east side of st louis then I eventually moved out to the suburbs later in my teenage years.

2. I started getting pretty serious about creating music when I was 17 or so. I was a pretty late bloomer!

3. I started creating music because I felt like I had nothing else. I didn’t like where I was in my life and music became like therapy for me. That’s why I still make music today!


6. Thomas Prime

Bio: Thomas Prime is a Hip-Hop/Jazz-Hop producer from London, England.


1. From London, England.

2. Started making beats on the PS2 back in ’05

3. Producing was always something I felt that I should be doing.


7. Awon

Bio: Antwan Wiggins also known by his stage name “Awon” has distinguished himself as an emcee. Born on March 6, 1980 in Brooklyn, New York Awon was surrounded by culture. His earliest memories are of graffiti lined subway cars and DJ’s having jams in his neighborhood of Fort Greene. His influences were other prominent emcees of the Golden Era of Hip Hop like Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, and Slick Rick. In 1989 his family relocated to Newport News, Virginia. As a teenager, Awon found himself immersed in an underground Hip Hop scene marked by smooth, jazzy production such as that of A Tribe Called Quest, Digable Planets, and The Roots. Influenced by the culture, he was able to cultivate his own skills on the microphone and paid dues through various talent shows and showcases. In 2006, AWON appeared as a feature on Canibus’s Hip Hop For Sale album on a track produced by Nottz. At the time, Awon was working with a crew, The Soul Students, on his debut album Beautiful Loser that was released on May 17, 2008 by Goon Trax Records in Japan. Since then, Awon has been a figure in the new emerging Jazz Hop scene, working with close friend, Kameleon Beats to create distinctive sounds. Other collaborative efforts with producers such as Thomas Prime and Soul Chef were able to expand the sound to set a global presence. Currently, Awon is gearing up for a rerelease of Beautiful Loser in South Korea as well as a new album with Kameleon Beats, Brighter Days. Listeners can also expect a new album in the near future that will feature peers from within the Underground Hip Hop communit


1. Hi, my name is Awon, I am from Newport News, Virginia.

2. I wrote my first rhyme when I was 8 years old. I started recording professionally at 18.

3. I started creating music because it was all around me. My parents are big Hip Hop heads, I went to my first show when I was 11 with my dad. That show was Rakim, KRS-One, Grand Puba, GangStarr, and Supa Cat. My dad was popular so he got me backstage and I met everyone. My mom and dad both listen to Hip Hop and we still talk emcees and producers. My pops like Flatbush Zombies, mom loves Drake and Wayne. Of course I’m their favorite.


8. Emancipator

Bio: A search for mind immersing, spine tingling tracks would land many stumbling upon Emancipator. Between the countless tour dates, festivals, and studio time, Emancipator (aka Doug Appling); the Portland, OR based electronic producer, has retained a steady rise of success over the past few years. Playing sold out venues, to the delight of his faithful fans, 2012 proved to be a year of expansion and growth for this talented young musician. Further backed by the support of two highly acclaimed albums, Soon it will be cold enough and Safe in the steep cliffs and the recent launch of his own label, Loci Records, this young entrepreneur shows no signs of slowing down. Known for its etheric melodies, immaculately smooth samples, and addictive drum beats, Emancipator’s music has captivated a diverse audience across the globe. One might struggle to place a finger on what makes the music so addictive, but would undoubtedly return to the underlying feeling of balance and connection. Now accompanied regularly by the harmonious swells of live violin played by Ilya Goldberg, Emancipator’s live performances have developed into an all-encompassing musical experience. With the release of his newest album, Dusk to Dawn, the music promises listeners a nostalgic return to the soulful integration of organic hip hop and symphonic layers that first captivated his audience. “Minor Cause”, the first single off Dusk to Dawn proved a buzz-worthy track with its’ video premier on MTV’s Hive – followed by an uproar of enthused listeners wanting more. Trusting his roots yet simultaneously evolving, Emancipator’s fresh new cultivation is nothing short of a renaissance.


9. Fresh Sly

BioFresh Sly is a European MC, beatmaker and producer from Republic of Moldova, part of the group D.N.S alongside BNT. Apart from the group carreer, Sly is also a solo artist with 13 solo albums (2005 – 2012), and 4 group albums (2006 – 2010) with 150+ written songs. In 2010 he got signed to Digi Crates Records and produced Tha Connection’s “Connect 102: Fresh Sly Remixes” album (out October 2010), his instrumental album “Sly In France”, and the solo LP “Quiet Storm”. Sly’s production style varies from Jazz, Alternative, Underground Hip-Hop type of sound, using a large spectrum of samples and drum breaks, and straight up home recording. He worked with a lot of artists as a producer, MC, or sound engineer: Tha Connection, Sci-Fi Stu, DJ Ezasscul, Invisible Landscape, etc. Upcoming releases he’s currently working on are “Fresh Sly – Return2Forever” which will contain collaborations with Supreme Sol, and the 6th D.N.S. album entitled “Crossroads”. Fresh Sly will also feature on the upcoming Japan #1 compilation series, “In Ya Mellow Tone 7″ by Tokyo label, Goon Trax

Q&A: Hi, I’m Fresh Sly, my real is Chris. I’m from east europe, Republic of Moldova, Chisinau city. I started to create music around 2002. Well, I started to create music mostly to express myself with the help of beats and lyrics, also because I was and I am feeling a great pleasure from what I’m doing, and I’m also pretty happy with the fact people love what I’m doing.

Links: |

10. Mimi Smooth

Bio: R&B opend me and took me on the journey to hiphop,jazz,blues,latin,african,indian,,,i mean any roots music….Joe Hisaishi,Minnie Riperton,Amel Larrieux,Sparlha Swa,Erykah Badu,D’Angelo,India Arie,Dwele,Maxwell,A Tribe Called Quest,The Roots,Lauryn Hill,SWV,Patrice Rushen,Eric Roberson,Craig David,Jill Scott,The Fugees,Sade,Keith Jarrett,John Coltrane,Flying Lotus,J.Dilla,Omar Sosa,Fela Kuti,Sheila Chandra,Ikue Asasaki,Tcheka,,,,,and many many more


11. Yeiv


1. I’m from France.

2. I started to create music 3 years ago. At the beggining i was only making electro music to learn how to use Fruity Loops & other musical softwares (because most of the tutorials were about eletronic music). It’s just 1 year ago that i seriously started to produce my own music, inspired a lot by Nujabes, Jay Dee & other artists who made me discover real hip-hop.

3. Well, at the beginning it was just for fun, i was curious to know how to produce music behind a computer. Now that i’m growing up with my music, i really want to spread a message of peace through it.

Links: |

I hope you enjoy and share it with other people~ This is only artists promotion, not commercial product~

p.s. if you have any questions, wanna help or join Arkisound project, please write in email:

– Arkisound

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