Arkisound presents Monthly#Soundy#2 Compilation goes ON~

In this month you can discover such great artists like Substantial & Illumenous, beautiful voice of Jill Scott, Classy sounds from Sourface, beauty from Atu & Sango, lovely Sweater Beats sounds, magic beats by Freddie Joachim, Incredible work from Funky DL, Chilly Sau Poler, enjoyable Cypria, Shag sweet Zelda theme song, freshness from Tom Bombadil & Phrank Robert~

Wenn you wanna something reach and you are in doubt~Quickly refresh your head and go archieve this goal~ Remember life is beautiful!~

Download – Monthly#Soundy#2

In this month, only artists links,  bio#Q&A section not included.

1. Funky DL 

Links: | |

2. Tom Bombadil

Links |

3. Phrank Robert


4. Shag 

Links |

5. Substantial

Links | |

6. Freddie Joachim

Links | |

7. Mar

Links |

8. Atu

Links |

9. Sango

Links | |

10. Cypria

Links | |

11. Sourface

Links | |

12. Faithful Servant


13. Sweater beats 

Links | |

I hope you enjoy and share it with other people~ This is only artists promotion, not commercial product~

p.s. if you have any questions, wanna help or join Arkisound project, please write in email:


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