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Monthly#Soundy#3 Compilation goes live ^^ I hope you enjoy this month compilation and share it with your friends!

This is only musicians promotion~ I don’t do it for money, it’s for music fans, in a few words its introduction of artists for bigger audiences. I love music and i hope you love it too – Arkisound.

In this month you can discover artists like The Procussions, Dapdown, AGQ, Wildelux, SAZ, PDP, Handbook, Dave Sparkz, Pragmatic Theory, Supreme Soul, Thallus.

Download – Monthly#Soundy#3

This month’s three questions was:

1. From where are you?
2. When did you started to create music?
3. Why this style of music you began to develop?

And like in previous month Q&A is not full, because I can’t find some artists emails/contacts/pages, if you know how to reach others, please contact me: ^^

Wanna say to all musicians Big Thanks for your answers, it’s really step forward im my project ^^

1. The Procussions


2. Dapdown



I was born and live in a west sebirian city Omsk.

Started makin’ music a few years ago.

The sound of jazz funk soul is very natural for me, so it’s no surprise that I started to hang out with them.


3. AGQ



1. I’m from Spain, from a little town in the south.

2. I almost can’t remember…about 10-11 years ago.

3, What style do you mean exactly? Because I think I make a wide variety of styles…You can encompass it between hip hop, electronic hip hop, experimental hh, experimental electronic music,…but those are just labels to me :). Just whatever i feel like, and this is my way of communicatting with myself and with the world at the same time.

4. Wildelux



1.From the Bronx New York City

2. I started back in 1989

3. Because at the time my friends were rhyming and they introduced me to doing music and recording music.

5. SAZ



As you may/may not know, SAZ is a 19 year old duo, comprised of Seon Rice-Lupin and Zane Morris-Stewart.

1. We are from London, England.

2. We have been musicians our entire lives, both being in a band previous to our hip hop breakaway. Seon has been working on our style a little over the year, with myself starting properly on the hip hop route at the start of 2013. I also have an acoustic folk partnership (See “Shan and Zane”), with an EP being released through SAZ by the end of the year.

3. We are heavily influened by the late Nujabes and Fat Jon, being huge fans of Samurai Champloo during our time at high school. Our influences spread across genres from rock, to j-rock, to blues jazz and old school hip hop. We draw in everything we love in our production in hope that it makes our material more diverse.

6. Handbook


7. Dave Sparkz



1. Im from Zürich, Switzerland.

2. I started to make music in 2003.

3. Being a golden era fan since a very young age, it was only natural for me to take this path musically.

best regards

8. Pragmatic Theory


9. Supreme Soul


10. Thallus



1. I´m from Russia, raised in south Germany near the mountains.

2. I started 2006 with a simple computer software, borrowed from a friend, and tried to puzzle loops together. Always played in bands but this was a point, where I started to get my own stuff together.

3. It was just natural. I was listening a lot of boom bap back then, I still do, then I moved to the electronical side of music and felt in love with it. Always had the big producers on my mind, when I produced my music and searched for inspiration until a friend told me, it doesn´t matter what you do because it´s important how you do it. And I try it with love and dedication!

I hope these answers will work out! 😉

best greetings.

p.s. if you have any questions, wanna help or join Arkisound project, please write in email:


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