Mr. Brady and Elaquent – Sayin Somethin

...Don’t MisS! 02. No Holds 05. Yo Yo!...

Enchanted Album ziiiiiiiig

Tiffology: What inspires you to create?

Elaquent: Well, theres all the obvious inspirational situations, like hearing a song thats really dope motivates me to get in the lab. Obviously hearing a hot hot sample will get the juices of any beatmaker goin. But beyond all of that, I get inspired by regular life shit. When my nephew was born, I made a beat. I’ll have a really elaborate and intellectual conversation with someone that will later inspire a beat. Lots of spontaneous encounters inspires me, lately its been new scenery. Going to Costa Rica for instance was an overdose on inspiration. I’d encourage any artist or musician to travel, it’s definitely great for the inspiration tip. [Source:]

hip-hop / beats / instrumental

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