RADIcule – Waltz 2 Ganymede


Different soundy path of Cowboy Bebop~enjoy N support great jazz-hop music~ – Arkisound

♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 02. Rhapsodies of Blue

About Album: the bebop crew find themselves, once again, with little to live on and absolutely nothing. on ganymede for a spell of bohemian reprieve, the cowboys gain word of a quick score. spike and jet blow the scene, while Faye and ed are left aboard the bebop. as Faye sits on the deck of the ship, smoking a Marlboro M brand cig, a package comes with little to no markings on it.
no return address, nor an addressee. she rips through the tiny box, and only a single cassette falls out. gleaming with a golden hue, she picks it up and reads but only four words:
A MIXTAPE FOR FAYE. she does not remember who made the cassette for her, nor can she recall what songs lie within. dusting off the cassette deck aboard the ship, Faye plays the tape.
everything still. nothing mattered. only tears.” https://soundcloud.com/radiculebeats

jazz-hop / beats / instrumental

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