RunC.T – Baroque


Jazzy beats with wonderful spices~ – Arkisound

♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 03. Hard Times
  • 04. Fragile
  • 05. Etiquette
  • 06. Light [CCR edit]

About ArtistRunC.T is a 21 year old beat junkie/Record Collector from Houston, TX. This is his first release with Cult Classic Records and the album has a real laid back vibe to it, a perfect blend of Instrumental Hip Hop to kick back to. “Music is an art, I just paint pictures with sounds packed with soulful vibes. I travel the world through music, always searching for the next journey.”
Shoutouts: “A BIG BIG thank you to Mr.Bob42jh and the CCR crew for the support and help with the fine tuning of the album. And nothing but love to all my listeners and the people who have supported me.”

beats / instrumental / hip-hop

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