Shag – Hermit


Brilliant work from Shag, my FAW Aloof – Arkisound 

♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 02. Aloof
  • 03. Gold Dust
  • 10. Ear to the Streets

From Shag: Anybody who knows me personally will say that I spend too much time alone. My close friends have been dealing with me for years, and I think they’re only just now beginning to understand my lonesome tendencies. It’s very hard to convey to someone that they’re one of your favorite people in the world, and yet you STILL don’t feel like being around them at that second. I know that those guys who still talk to me daily have got it figured out, and that they understand the time alone that I need. They realize that its deeper than just flaking.

I don’t know why I’m wired this way, but it isn’t a recent development. Before I was in elementary school, I used to tell my mother that I ‘wanted to be a Hermit’ when I grew up. I’ve always attributed some sort of importance to that way of living, even before I had a shred of an idea of what it entailed for the human condition. She used to laugh, but last year I think she realized my childhood dreams are getting closer to reality. After some major disappointments in previous years, I’ve been more and more selective about who I let see the innermost areas of my life.

When alone, I have complete and total control of my creativity. Nothing and nobody is around to distract me, sway my actions, or inhibit my forward movement – and I think that’s why I thrive. I’m always obsessing about the passage of time, and I think that when I’m alone I feel more comfortable and confident in the use of the tiny portion allotted to me. This collection of beats represents my solitude, including all of its causes, struggles, triumphs, and outcomes. Each track is intended to make you reflect on a certain aspect of your personal life. As always, thanks to all of you for reading and listening. This album was a blast to work on, and I hope the end result conveys that. Keep listening.

 beats / hip-hop / instrumental

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