Snow Fox Apprentice – Tranquil Sounds; Still Notions


Snow Fox Apprentice goin to hiatus~but I know when he back, he create more wonderful’n’superb jazz-hop music~my one of FAW musicians! This music is a gem – support/listen/enjoy – Arkisound

From Snow Fox Apprentice: Hi Everyone! i’m posting this EP to say Farewell (for now)… i am in a phase in life where i need to give all my dedication and focus to reach my lifelong dreams… and to be honest, i have no more time to write and tinker more songs… as you can see, there are only 2 new tracks on this playlist… there are 5 more songs but they’re still draft… will probably release as a B-side when i can work on them more… to everyone who listened and connected with my music… I LOVE YOU & THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

jazz-hop / beats / magic

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