Souleance – La Belle Vie

...Don’t MisS! 2. La Romance 3. Passarinho 16. One Step 17. La Belle Vie...

Scanning new tropical beats

The debut album from Souleance – aka Fulgeance and Soulist.

Q: I caught Fulgeance do a solo show in London earlier this year but caught my first Souleance show in Lithuania last month. Pierre (Fulgeance) mentioned it was the fifth time he had played out there. They seem to really be into their music and for all the right reasons. How does it feel the first time you get such a big reaction somewhere so unexpected? Juicy Lady went down a treat, over the weekend I heard it played out more than anything else.

F: It’s true. Lithuania is one of my favorite countries in Europe, because they always feel, react and love new music and they are always fresh, curious about it. I first played at the  Mondayjazz parties ( as Fulgeance, and then at the Satta Outside Festival as Peter Digital Orchestra, and they went crazy when they heard Juicy Lady because all the cool cats from Mondayjazz had already played it a 1000 times at their parties, and yeah, the live show in Satta was incredible, starting in the night and finishing in daylight, amazing moment!! I think I’m a star but just in Lithuania!!

S : For me it was my first time in Lithuania. I knew that Fulgeance made quite an impression last year at Satta… and also when he played for Mondayjazz in Vilnius… I  was really surprised that some guys from the crowd knew some Souleance tracks … They really made it magical for us … Satta Rules what more can I say? (Source:

hip-hop / instrumental / beats

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