Yeah it’s Springtime and I lovin’ it~ Sunny Sunny dayz, big smileys in faces & of course i’m waiting when temperature goes warmer. In other side i wanna put new thing to Arkisound.NeT. What is it going to be?

#1. A few times in a month I will write in category “Day by Day” – It will be a little about me, about Arkisound projects, music, artists, parties~ I will create new pages 4 “Day by Day” & “Monthly#Soundy“.

#2. Starting in March, Arkisound releasing monthly project “Arkisound presents: Monthly#Soundy“. 10 tracks in one piece~genre: instrumental/hip-hop/jazz-hop/beats. Of course it will be indie/underground/less well-know artists.

#3. Release Mix: Nujadays (It will be 10 greatest (in my mind) tracks of Nujabes). I wanna do this before Summertime ^^

I have one crazy-dreamy project ^^ maybe in summer I will start this and we will see if I can do this. Maybe with your help it goes smoothly~

One Love~Piece, have a good Spingtime~!

p.s. if you have any questions, wanna help or join Arkisound project, please write in email: arkisoundnature@gmail.com


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