14KT – Nickel & Dimed


...Don’t MisS! 06. West Coast Errol Flynnin’ 15. Slo Swerve 16. PAID feat. Blu 17. Imonit! feat. Ozay Moore 18. W.C.E.F feat. MED & KoKane...

You can do it all with soundy beats

About Album14KT laces together 14 instrumentals + 1 song with an incomparable ear for flipping samples, and his signature boom-bap, off-kilter drum programming and spacey synths. Then he enlists a handful of his favorite artists for a vocal encore (including Blu, Black Milk and MED) + appearances by Detroit’s own JMSN on the summer cruiser Slo Swerve (also featuring Jamall Bufford) and Cali’s Kokane (along with MED) on the new west coast anthem “W.C.E.F.” 14KT even steps up to the microphone himself on “Five & Ten” to paint a picture of his take on the phrase, “nickel and dimed.”

From 14KT: I personally want to say THANK YOU to all of the countless individuals who recognize, utilize, and give their GOD-given talents, purposes, skills, and wisdom EVERYDAY, so individuals such as myself, can continue to dream, create, and progress

About 14KThttps://soundcloud.com/14kt

hip-hop / instrumental / beats

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