#Weekly Video: Murs & Fashawn feat. Adrian – This Generation

4 This Generation

Q: Where do you get your inspiration for all your songs about girls?

Murs: From real life and my friends. I guess that’s one of the benefits to having this crazy life. I get to meet all types of girls and my friends get to meet all types of girls. I was friendly with a lot of girls in high school but I didn’t get laid until after high school. I was always the friend. I got adopted by a lot of the older girls. All those years of torture and blue-balls paid off, I guess, because I think I have a good understanding of the female psyche. I can write songs about females that aren’t usually too offensive. The girls usually like the extremely vulgar ones, but they’re not sexist or demeaning. It’s just funny because it’s true. [Source:]

Q: Something I see is that you respect the origins of this genre, and while I see a lot of reference to the past, I also see a lot of creativity in your music. Where does creativity stand in pushing the genre forward?

Fashawn: Right in the middle man, without creativity you cant have progress. They go hand in hand. [Source:]


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