Antonio Mendez

Antonio Mendez – June 17 (2015)

absolutely beautiful tune~reassure your minds | enjoy n support! – Arkisound

About song: Cavernous sorrow accompanied by acute optimism–optimism achieved through self-education. The more I teach myself about psychology, the less stinging I feel from “negative” emotions (in quotations because they’re actually attributing to positive growth). You can laugh at this–that’s fine. I just feel a little sorry for the people that do. Most people have been there and we all know it. If you haven’t, ask yourself if you’ve loved strongly enough. I dunno: I’m far from the first person to have experienced this (yea, no shit). Still, feels so good to put myself out there. Living a life without giving back to mankind in at least some small, genuine capacity is hollow to me. Why the hell do you think I make music? – Tony

beats / hip-hop

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