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Vanilla – Moonlight

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from Vanilla: ‘Moonlight‘ is the follow up to 2015’s ‘Origin‘, featuring a selection of instrumentals made from funk, jazz, electronic and ambient samples. Sorry for the wait <3

beats / instrumental / jazz-hop

Mz Boom Bap – The Rawness

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♠ Don’t MisS 

About EP: “The Rawness” is the debut EP from Portuguese beat maker Mz Boom Bap. A genuine homage to the golden era, everything from the drum programming to the sample selection to the subtle ringing distortion of the Akai s950 delivers a seldom seen old-school authenticity. Where similar style efforts often fall short by overpaying for uninspired bars from aging New York veterans, Mz has instead recruited an underground freshman team of budding young rhyme spitters. Only 30 seconds into track 2 you can hear the youthful vigor in 17-year-old Curtis Roach’s delivery that will have listeners checking the album notes seeking an identification. Features include Don’t Sleep Records co-founders Awon & Phoniks (bars and DJ cuts, respectively), Curtis

hip-hop / beats

A June & J Beat , October – Your Name [Unofficial OST]


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About A June & J Beat

About October

jazz-hop / instrumental / piano

KRBL Rebel Radio – KRBL Rebel Radio


very strong album from great mc’s~enjoy N support great hip-hop music~ – Arkisound

About KRBL Rebel Radio: Los Angeles Emcee’s; Nieve, Noah King, and A-dub, alongside New Zealand producer SoulChef. Raw, Classic, Undeniably good Hip-Hop.


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