Arkisound Presents – Snow Fox Apprentice Compilation

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Wenn you love music, then you know how many different musicians/performers of sound are in this planet~ Everyone has their own favorite artist, with these sounds i believe you can do much more in your life~ I live many days in this world, but I still searching my real path in this maze~and wenn it comes a difficult time, I’m listen to my favorite musicians~Wenn I first heard of Snow Fox Apprentice sounds, I completely realized that this music of genre, in my life it’s FAW~ it has many emotions, colors, memories, feelings and many more~

So I wanna introduce to you~ Snow Fox Apprentice ^^

ArkisoundFrom where are you?
Snow Fox Apprentice: I am from the Philippines!

A: Why Snow Fox Apprentice?
SFA: I loved listening to Port Blue (Adam Young) before and he has this song entitled ‘Snowfox on a Glacier Coast’ which is my most favorite Port Blue song ever. i just took the Snow Fox & added a word which was cool to my ears.

AWenn you started creating music?
SFA: I started making music back in 2009 after i graduated High School. i started producing EDM and then after a few years i found my way to Nujabes, Uyama Hiroto, Nomak & DJ Okawari.

AWhat was your inspiration to creating music?
SFA: for Snow Fox… It’d probably be Nujabes’ music, Nature, My love for Ghibli & Jazz…

AWhy you creating this style of music?
SFA: I seriously don’t know, to be honest. its that kind of music where i can pour all the sentiments and all the emotions i can’t express or convey in real life. it’s like a journal to my feelings that always lay low but i’m sharing it to the world in a vague way…

AWenn I hear your music, in my minds flowing Nujabes songs, its coincidence?
SFA: maybe because Nujabes is one of my biggest influence in music making. the time i laid ears to his ‘Modal Soul’ was the time i fell in love with his music.

AWich your song is special for you?
SFA: it’d be ‘Dar es Salaam’ from Totorowave 2… i wrote it with my father who was assigned for work at ‘Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’ at that time… i asked him to record a part of his everyday life in tanzania and i used the recordings to make some soundscapes and background noises…

A: If you could choose only three musicians/groups, what would it be?
SFA: Chet Baker, Nujabes, Joe Hisaishi…

Full Compilation download here ^^

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So yeah summer is over ~_~ but don’t be sad! I prepare new Monthly#Soundy#5 compilation to your soul and ears, have a great time with these beautiful sounds and enjoy this life like never before, because music heals everything!~

Like always enjoy these great musicians~ Mikos Da Gawd, Bop Alloy, Steph, Sapphic Songstress, Jacob 2-2, M.A.E.,  Ayinde, Michael Franco, Marco Fonktana, Pumpkin, Lakim, VD, Illusionist, Fingalick, TenLittleRabbits ~ Support this music, One Love~

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Arkisound Presents: Remixes#1

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Today Arkisound presents Remixes#1, if you love old school rap, this is for you! Now these tracks sounds different, but in very good way ^^ I hope you enjoy these beats and share with other people, so they can find new names/sounds and have good time with this music.

So meet beatmakers Def Dee, Funky DL, BluntOne, dbaby kai, G.Bonson, Stone Detectives, Astronote, Elaquent, Skeezo and Kaytradamus ~

DownloadArkisound Presents: Remixes#1

Def Dee –

Funky DL –

BluntOne –

dbaby kai –

G.Bonson –

Stone Detectives –

Astronote –

Elaquent –

Skeezo –

Kaytradamus –

This is only artists promotion, not commercial product~

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