Bliss Eternal

Tom Bombadil – Fall Down Seven


...Don’t MisS! 01. And Love 02. A Jawn I did with Shango...

from Tom Bombadil: Decided to make an experimental project at around 147 BPM. Trying to explore more with frequencies and just have fun with it.

Video from Poison Shore~

experimental / beats

Roku – Bump Tape Vol. 1


...Don’t MisS! 02. Ask...

I wanna taste you

About Roku

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jazz-hop / instrumental / beats

Doc Battle – A Beautiful Moth


...Don’t MisS! 01. A Beautiful Moth 09. In Loving Memory [with C-Red] 13. White Faces...

Your minds only with you~

instrumental / beats / hip-hop / chill

Tom Bombadil – The Nexus


...Don’t MisS! 11. Rainy Day Reprise [Phrank Robert Remix] 13. The Nexus [Rupert Remix]...

Mistery in your ears

About Tom Bombadil & album: Conor Smalakis, known by his artist name Tom Bombadil, is a 20 year old trip hop instrumental artist residing in Van Nuys, California. His newest release, “The Nexus“, is a journey into finding the meaning and road which he seeks to take in life. Placing together the media he loves around him like an asymmetrically mirrored collage, he seeks to construct a version of himself to reflect properly on. “The Nexus“, is heavily influenced by producers such as DJ Okawari, DJ Whitesmith, and Nujabes. This EP is a follow up to his recent EP, “Poisoned Piano”, released via Black Chalk.

The Nexus is a place commonly used in art to be the intermediate area between worlds, also a place between life and death. So when I was making this, and still right now it feels as if I am in between worlds of possibility.”- Tom Bombadil.

instrumental / beats / experimental / hip-hop

Sinitus Tempo – Haru


...Don’t MisS! 02. Body Poets 03. Little Lessons 04. Abstraction on Canvas...

Sounds a Mirage~enjoy ^^

from Sinitus Tempo: The first touch of spring. out now everywhere.

instrumental / beats / jazz-hop


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