TFM & Bob42jh – Machine Minds

After a guest mix by Cult Classic Records’ Thomas Prime, now his fellow founder Bob42jh hooks up with The Find Magazine for a brand new mix full of fresh music. ‘Machine Minds‘ is the third time Bob42jh collaborates with The Find, following up on ‘Fallen Skies’ and ‘Expression Is Priceless’. Bob42jh often shares instrumental diamonds, but he switches it up with this mix that is geared more towards hip hop with positive lyricism. The likes of J Dilla, Woodblue, Theory Hazit, MF Doom, Lushlife, Intuition, DJ Tonk, Raashan Ahmad and many others grace the tracklist. We think it’s common sense to say that you should have this mix. Bob42jh is on point like a cactus.

jazz-hop / instrumental / beats

Word Is Bond – Hope for Tomorrow

Bob42jh surBinko geriausius atlikėjus, vienam bendram tikslui: Ištiesk pagalbos ranką Japonijai. Kompiliacija stulbinanti tiek atlikėjais, tiek jų muzikos istorijomis. Bendras tikslas, bendra bendruomenė. Prisidėk ir tu!

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