Bones The Beat Head

Bones The Beat Head & Maple Syrup – Nighthawks

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About Compilation: The German-Russian alliance of boom bap connoisseurs and jazz enthusiasts “Bones The Beat Head” (Germany) and “Maple Syrup” (Russia) created a fine instrumental experience that will give you the atmosphere of the city at night. Each track is inspired by different nighttime impressions such as calm areas with empty streets and sporadic street lighting or eerie abandoned places, but also the vivid nightlife that takes place in the city center where crowded bars and neon signs are dominating the scenery.

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Bones The Beat Head – The Repertory: Vol. 2


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♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 03. Back Alley Blues
  • 06. Ocean Breeze
  • 08. Point of View
  • 10. Ill Flava
  • 13. Smoke & Mirrors
  • 14. Afterglow

About Compilation: Imagine a solitary stroll by night, or a random cruise through a picturesque landscape. Lay back and let the music interact with your emotions and mood. This second volume is held in the same tradition as the previous volume and once again showcases a good half an hours worth of sample-based, Jazz-flavoured instrumental Hip Hop for your listening pleasure.

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The Jazz Jousters add Les McCann – More with Les


...Don’t MisS! 06. NoitcelfeR [feat. Lena & Justin Fanus] 08. Love me Not 09. Waiting in Vain 11. Setting Sun 13. JusRockwiddit...

Jazzy mood~

About CompilationMore with LesThe Jazz Jousters add Les McCann is the result of a long overdue attempt to work with McCann’s material as suggested by DJ Mentos. During the process of making this album we all learned a little more about Les as we dug through his archive. We highly recommend you check him out for yourself if you never have, no doubt you will find that in some way he may have been behind some of your favorite music.

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