Oli-B – On Our Way

...Don’t MisS! 03. Own Appeal 09. Port a’Anvers...

From Oli-B: “We walk our own path toward the future, crossing the stories of those we meet. It’s not a run, just a walk powered by sweet memories, smiles and hopes. A calm pursuit of happiness.”

hip-hop / Soul

He Died while Hunting – Makeshift (In This Room) [Video]

Whispering to your heart…

from He Died while Hunting: with electric and acoustic guitars, loops and field recordings, rhythms sounding like an old clock or tribal dances, timid and haunted vocals, he died while hunting delivers a minimalist folk electronica post-everything but post-nothing.

chill / indie

from LDBK Compilation – All School Flavor vol​.​1: 40 Winks – Flight of Ideas [I]

Why does my body randomly shiver all over?

40 Winks is an instrumental hip hop group made up of two producers – padmo’ and Weedy – from Antwerp, Belgium. Their emphasis on creating vintage organically sounding beats has left people wondering why 40 Winks won’t perform live, the answer simply being: ”there is no band!”.

jazz-hop / beats / funk

JoBee Project – The Falling remixed

Give my Honey – Yumi Yumi ^_^

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