Arkisound Discoveries #1

My little project Arkisound livin’ like a human – day by day~ and bringin’ new sounds~ to your soul and mind and Im very happy with that. I hope who stop by in Arkisound page and discovers something new and gets good feelings is brilliant~ Music is remedy for you, for me, for all people in our world.

Today I share my discoveries. You like gaming? No? Yes? I had many hobbies, one of them is gaming~ Why? I like adventures, searching new worlds, listen they stories and of -course games soundtracks. This is like reading book (I like reading as well), when your minds goes away and you imagining in your head new places, characters, paths. So when i discover this music~ I completely return to 8-bit era and that was wonderful~ Listen”


...Don’t MisS! 03. Yuma 05. Church II...

from Carl FUGAThis is New Retro Wave/80s/Gadget music record. I did it, as i did all previous albums… First of all, feel something for someone and then as a good photographer take a picture… Yup… This album is like a collection of feelings… 🙂

electro / retro / 8-bit

if you like jazz-hop / instrumental music, you need to visit Mijin Lee youtube page, where you can find a lot songs in this genre. Support and Subcribe her chanell~

If you wanna share your discoveries, please please write in email:

– Arkisound 

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