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Arkisound Presents: Remixes#1

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Today Arkisound presents Remixes#1, if you love old school rap, this is for you! Now these tracks sounds different, but in very good way ^^ I hope you enjoy these beats and share with other people, so they can find new names/sounds and have good time with this music.

So meet beatmakers Def Dee, Funky DL, BluntOne, dbaby kai, G.Bonson, Stone Detectives, Astronote, Elaquent, Skeezo and Kaytradamus ~

DownloadArkisound Presents: Remixes#1

Def Dee – https://soundcloud.com/defdeezy

Funky DL – https://soundcloud.com/funkydl

BluntOne – https://soundcloud.com/bluntone

dbaby kai – http://dbabykai.bandcamp.com/

G.Bonson – https://soundcloud.com/g-bonson

Stone Detectives – http://stonedetectives.bandcamp.com/

Astronote – https://soundcloud.com/astronote

Elaquent – https://soundcloud.com/elaquent

Skeezo – https://soundcloud.com/djskeezo

Kaytradamus – https://soundcloud.com/kaytranada

This is only artists promotion, not commercial product~

p.s. if you have any questions, wanna help or join Arkisound project, please write in email: arkisoundnature@gmail.com

– Arkisound

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