Dooqu & Ashdown – Dust

Im fallen in to deep~enjoy N support great music~ – Arkisound

About song: Teaming up once again, Dooqu & Ashdown bring forward a track that combine innovative production and raw poignance. With Ashdown’s dense narratives and Dooqu’s quirky synths riddled throughout the track, it’s undeniable the two are a fitting pair. “I really do believe Ashdown and I have managed to bring out the best elements from each of our skillsets. Ashdown’s vocals and my production really have achieved an immersive sound. I hope people will be able to feel this track.” – Dooqu.

electronic / beats / vocal

J. Vibes – Late Night Soul


chillfull beats to enjoy your soulful days – Arkisound

♠ Don’t MisS 

  •  06. All I Need

About J. VibesJ. Vibes has been slowly building a name for himself on the beats scene over the past few years, with jazz-infused instrumentation and swinging drum work a plenty. His sound is equally informed by Hip Hop stalwarts such as Pete Rock as it is by more contemporary artists such as Moods and Elaquent. Late Night Soul sees the young Danish producer blend classic Hip Hop production with a forward thinking aesthetic. Soulful sample chops and tight snares are interspersed with layers of synth and reverb covered vocals. Tracks collapse in on themselves and re-emerge with new arrangements and melodies. More than just a ‘beat tape’ for emcees to rap over, this is the soundtrack for your late night excursions.

beats / instrumental

Shatter Hands – Land Fly

...Don’t MisS! 03. Land Fly...

Amazing creation, Mingle with Nature

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