Dirty Beauty

Bones The Beat Head & Maple Syrup – Nighthawks

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About Compilation: The German-Russian alliance of boom bap connoisseurs and jazz enthusiasts “Bones The Beat Head” (Germany) and “Maple Syrup” (Russia) created a fine instrumental experience that will give you the atmosphere of the city at night. Each track is inspired by different nighttime impressions such as calm areas with empty streets and sporadic street lighting or eerie abandoned places, but also the vivid nightlife that takes place in the city center where crowded bars and neon signs are dominating the scenery. https://soundcloud.com/bonesthebeathead https://soundcloud.com/mplsyrup

hip-hop / beats / instrumental

VA – Session​.​Seven


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♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 01. flagstaff – that’s just fine
  • 02. spaze windu – routines
  • 06. ak420 – shadow
  • 08. drwn – passion&promise

About Dirty Beautyhttps://soundcloud.com/drtybeauty

jazz-hop / beats / instrumental

Philanthrope & Devaloop – Cloudfiles


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♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 03. A3.Float
  • 04. A4.Waves
  • 07. A7.CityLights
  • 10. A10.Forever
  • 15. B3.Vintage
  • 16. B4.In Between Days & Nights feat. Samura.Loré
  • 19. B7.Tito

About Album: “Cloudfiles” is the cassette release collaboration of two Austrian musicians Simon “Philanthrope” Leinder and Fabian “Devaloop” Pfitzer. Since the beginning of music career in 2012 year Simon & Fabian always been holden to classical old school sound, mixing clouds jazzy samples and boombap drums section. In the expectations of warm sunny days wish you enjoy the 24 fresh and smooth instrumental compositions in which also have taken part Monomassive, T-Max and Samura.Loré. https://soundcloud.com/philanthrope1https://soundcloud.com/devaloop

jazz-hop / beats / instrumental

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