Odd Eli – Abstract Prose


...Don’t MisS! 04. Reflections in Time 08. Business of War...

Simplistic Hip-Hop = yami tami ^^

from Odd Eli: Abstract Prose is the debut EP from Odd Eli. Odd Eli is comprised of Elliott Ashby aka (Eli) and Rogelio David aka Odd Insyte. The duo came together out of a mutual love for music and the need to create. Hailing from Arizona and Toronto respectively, they’ve combined their musical talents to form the group. Abstract Prose is a collection of past, present and future experiences of the duo. Although condensed in 9 tracks, they touch on a range of topics varying from political issues to relationships, and with a splash of that MC braggadocio’ism intertwined. It’s just real life experiences that most can relate to.


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