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♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 02. Before I Sleep
  • 09. Last Kiss
  • 14. Take My Hand
  • 16. Avalanche

About Album: “Avalanche” is personally my way of getting over a bad relationship with someone. I have been having hard time focusing on life because of the damage this said person have left behind. I’ve looked back and gathered every little information I could gather and compiled them into a story, and now, an album. I’ve always associated my built up emotions, both positive and negative, as this big, tall, snow covered, mountain, where the snow were on the verge of collapsing, causing a devastating avalanche. I felt like my heart was a gentle breeze away before collapsing and turning my life into a big mess. I’ve confessed my heartaches and emotion crisis to God, and through series of challenges and learning experiences, I’ve came to realize, this is just a phase in my life that will eventually pass. You see, no specific hardship is eternal. As cliche as this may sound, when we experience a perfect sunny day, we must also expect a storm somewhere in the future. Given that I am nocturnal, I coped with a lot of these heartaches in the late night. This was when I had the most intimate moment with God and surrounded myself with His compassion and comfort. The tracks are arranged in certain ways to tell my story of battling this horrible darkness that was trying to consume me. The battle comes to an end with the title track, “Avalanche.” This track is about me facing my troubled heart, the heart that is about to collapse. It is about me yelling at this troubled, snow covered, mountain, and watching it collapse before me. It is about letting all my built up emotions go free. It is about becoming free from being imprisoned in my own heart. I have been working on this album for a long time, and there’s a good reason for that. It takes good time for someone to carefully study the emotions that they have felt in the past, and analyze them thoroughly to translate them into songs. So, the question remains, “Am I over this person?” I do not know the answer to this question. There’s a saying, “Time heals all wounds” and honestly, I wouldn’t say that I am completely over my heartaches. However, having expressed my emotions, it is safe for me to say that, I feel much better and more “lively” for lack of better words. I hope you guys will enjoy this album. It is something personal, something meaningful, and something beautiful. Wishing everyone who’s going through similar pain right now, a good luck and wellness. Thanks for all of your amazing support, and I will catch you guys on my next release.
May God be glorified. “For to the snow he says, ‘Fall on the earth,’ likewise to the downpour, his mighty downpour.” (Job 37:6) https://soundcloud.com/elyonbeats

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monthly soundy 4 covermonthly soundy 4 back

At last I completed Monthly#Soundy#4 Compilation~ So many great tracks, just play on and enjoy this great feeling of music~

This time you meet great beatmakers~ Tom Misch, Kid Atlaas, Suhnraw, Natural High, P.SUS, Ribbonmouthrabbit, Elyonbeats, Stwo, Kovacs.

And of course emcees~ Oddisee, Chakkra Tara & RKZ.

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Elyonbeats – My Cinderella


...Don’t MisS! 11. See you Later...

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About: Elyonbeatshttps://soundcloud.com/elyonbeats

About Album: “My Cinderella” by Elyonbeats is dedicated to his special lady. It’s full of new age / jazzy / orchestral sounding beats, each capturing a specific moment that he experienced with his girlfriend in El Salvador and back in US.

instrumental / beats / jazz-hop

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