Joe Corfield – Phase Shift

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About Album: With Phase Shift, Joe Corfield adds new words to the definition of Instrumental Hip Hop in the dictionary. The young british producer delivers a breathtaking album that will please all Hip Hop fans around the globe. The whole is even complemented by some very interesting features such as FloFilz, O’malley, Sigmund & Kosyne! All put together this brings you one of the finest albums released on Radio Juicy. The perfect way to start a brilliant Summer.

beats / hip-hop / instrumental / jazzy

Bones The Beat Head & Maple Syrup – Nighthawks

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About Compilation: The German-Russian alliance of boom bap connoisseurs and jazz enthusiasts “Bones The Beat Head” (Germany) and “Maple Syrup” (Russia) created a fine instrumental experience that will give you the atmosphere of the city at night. Each track is inspired by different nighttime impressions such as calm areas with empty streets and sporadic street lighting or eerie abandoned places, but also the vivid nightlife that takes place in the city center where crowded bars and neon signs are dominating the scenery.

hip-hop / beats / instrumental

The Jazz Hop Café – Winter Exclusives

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About The Jazz Hop Café

jazz-hop / beats / instrumental

Takeaki Oda – Splash! e​.​p​.​/スプラッシュ! e​.​p

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About Takeaki Oda

indie / electro / chill

Last BeNeVoLeNcE – The Best LP You’ve Never Heard

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About Album: Full-length LP from Last BeNeVoLeNcE (formerly BeNeVoLeNcE) and the 4th vocal album he has released. “The Best LP You’ve Never Heard” carries a theme holding great meaning in that it tackles the topic of the struggles that indie artists face in the underground hip hop/jazz hop scene. For instance, the challenges of getting the proper promotion as well as what it feels like being overlooked by many, despite possessing talent. This album will set the stage for the next project–the long-waited sequel to Last BeNeVoLeNcE’s debut album “Save the World.” “I feel like the music in this lp is really a reflection of who I am and there’s nothing better for an artist than to be himself, because no one else can bring that to the table musically.” Just want to give out “special thanks” to a few folks that’s worked with me, supported me, and inspired me: fat jon the Ample Soul Physician for his words of wisdom and inspiration over the years, Mega Ran (aka Random) for his help and support with my music (along with his inspiration for letting out “the nerd” in my tracks)–Impermenance for being my “Partner In Rhyme” for all of this time, Kharisma for his energy and teamwork, K-Murdock for his support and positive words (crew love), Jordan Nugent for reaching to work with me, and Roots of Society for their support! – Last BeNeVoLeNcE

jazz-hop / beats / instrumental


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