Falcxne – Crumbs: Leftover Timbits


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♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 01. Puddles (2015)
  • 03. DRCT FLGHT (2013)
  • 05.Breath (Interlude) (2013)
  • 08. No One Left (2016)

from falcxne: “Although still relatively fresh off the drop of the third instalment, I couldn’t help but feel like the Timbits series was still missing something. Or maybe I just missed making those kinds of beats. ‘Crumbs: Leftover Timbits‘ compiles all the B-sides and outtakes that never made it onto ‘Timbits I‘ through ‘Timbits III’ – finished and unfinished ideas alike made anywhere between 2012 and 2016 that still mean something to me. Hoping they’ll mean something to you too! Much love, falcxne” https://soundcloud.com/falcxne

beats / hip-hop / instrumental

falcxne – Timbits III – Last Timbit of the Night


golden era beats~enjoy N support great music~ – Arkisound

♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 01. Oh, Boy! (Timbits)
  • 03. Golden Era
  • 05. Get it
  • 08. NYC (Interlude)
  • 10. Zambia
  • 17. St. Henri (BONUS)
  • 18. Said You Wouldn’t Change (BONUS)

About Album: “This final chapter in the Timbits trilogy goes out to all the people, all the places and all the experiences that have molded the last five years of my life. The series as a whole, which started out as a tribute to one of my biggest production influences, has since taken on an even more personal meaning. There is simply no way of separating the music from that meaning: therefore, with this period of my life coming to a close, it only feels right to end ‘Timbits‘ on a high note. At its end, I’m reminded of its beginning: grabbing Kazu for pickup and walking over to the brick-walled basement apartment on St. Marc, T and the culinary school boys masterfully crafting succulent desserts, K and C coming through with the green thumb – Shanks on drank-duty, E visiting for the weekend, the 4541-girls rolling through, Eddie Murphy’s ‘Delirious’ on repeat in the back – and me, plugging away in my DAW for the first time with the fam headnodding in unison. I know we can’t go back to that – those moments reduced to nice, little memories we get to revisit from time to time – but I hope you will forever find those memories in these songs. Much love, falcxne” https://soundcloud.com/falcxne

beats / instrumental / hip-hop

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