Felfelosophy – Podcast 015 : Cookie Monster (Four Seasons For Nujabes)

...Don’t MisS! 01. Sky Blue 05. I Miss You 09. Evening comes 10.「あなたには12. Kodama Heavy 13. Battlecry (Sweet Soul Hyakk Remix) 14. Counting Stars (Freddie Joachim Tribute) 19. Kiss of Life [feat. Giovanca & Benny] 21. Immaginary Re-Folklore [Instrumental Cover by Autumn Raine (Orchestra)]...

About Mixtape: Humble, respectful, talented and shy … These are the 4 words that characterized Nujabes. Through this long mix I wanted to make a tribute to my sensei Jun Seba. The name of this tribute is ‘Four Seasons for Nujabes’. Why this name? Because Nujabes can be heard in the spring, summer, autumn and winter. Part II (Four Seasons for Nujabes), as the previous mix is also in partnership with felfelosophy which Eliot and I had the idea to make in memory of Nujabes. We hope you enjoy the tribute, it’s downloadable for free. Please do not hesitate to write a memory, a view, a perspective, a review and share this mix around you. Thank you again for your support during these years ! http://felfelosophy.com/

jazz-hop / beats

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