Korey Wade ~ We Don’t Mind

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#Weekly Video: Travis Scott – Antidote [Ijo’s Recipe Instrumental]

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#Weekly Video: The Laidbackz – Smoke The City

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Jansport J – Pharaohmatic Immunity [Dipset Remixtape]

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♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 04. Juelz Santana – Dipset Anthem feat. Cam’ron
  • 07. Jim Jones – Certified Gangstas feat. Cam’ron

from Jansport J: A remixtape put together while on tour of the North East with Loaf Muzik. February 23rd-March 15th 2017. Special thanks to Vermont Hotel Rooms, Boston Couches, Connecticut/New Hampshire Car Rides, Brooklyn Guest Rooms and New Jersey workspaces. Also… Dipset.


Neguim. – Hang On

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